Katherine "Kat" (Deceased)

Human Bard


Appearance: Kat is young girl in her middle teen years. She is small in stature and her figure is that of a boy. Born to unknown parents in an unknown place, she aspires to live the life of an adventuring bardic hero, singing tales of her teacher, Benedict Cumberbatch who she holds affection. She has shoulder length dirty blond hair, grey eyes and sly smile. Kat’s appearance is plain and does not often catch the eyes of her male counterparts and that suits her just fine.

Personality: Kat who is mistakenly believed to be dim witted because of her insistent belief a “village” lives in her stomach, is kind hearted and rarely lies (well). Kat is full of joy and goodness. She whispers her songs to her “village” followers and believes she is their god. Kat does not openly talk about this with strangers as most of her life she has been ridiculed for this belief. What she does say is “we can all hear the whispers if we would only listen”. Kat’s charisma comes from her innocence and belief in all things good. To know her is to love her. However, Kat is also very cunning and deadly when need be, especially if she believes her allies or “village” would come to harm. Kat’s goal is to become a Harper and live the life of an adventurer. She loves to learn and read.

Talents and Abilities: Kat is a Bard, who is streetwise and trained in the arcane arts by her teacher, Benedict Cumberbatch. She often uses her psychic abilities to hinder her foes and help her allies. Through song and stories, she encourages many. Yet she is also able to maneuver around trained fighters, using her acrobatic abilities and running slash. She is small, fast and daring. She fears naught but rodents.


History: Kat came to the orphanage from the way of the streets at the age of 5 or 7. She was malnourished, mute (except for when she whispered to her “village”), she could not read, write or hold a sword. Her orphan friend, Danny (3 years her senior) named her Kat because she often purred in her sleep. Kat also liked to run, climb and flip around as if she were a fool. Kat learned to read slowly and only after her teacher told her she “must know how to read for your village’s sake”. Once she learned a few words, the rest was history. Kat read every book in the meager library by the time she turned 10. It was in books that she learned about gods, deities and other adventuring heroes. It was the same books where she learned about bards, such as Storm Silverhand and the Harpers.

The orphanage is where Kat realized she was different. Children can often be mean and they certainly were to Kat. She did not relate to them and they did not like her. They thought her whispers were weird and her songs terrible. They laughed at her frequently. Sometimes kids in the orphanage would push Kat and hit her. She did not fight back, thinking if she did, she would be just as bad.

Kat found refuge with her teacher, Benedict Cumberbatch, who encouraged her to “practice” her voice along with arcane abilities. He told her she must protect herself from physical abuse but she replied, “They do not hurt me as bad as they think”. Benedict would smile at her and encourage her to protect her “village”, this proved to work, for one day in the yard with the others playing, a tall boy, named Cannon, came over to Kat and hit her in the stomach, knocking the wind from her lungs. He stood above Kat laughing and pointing, “Look at the scaredy cat”.

Kat gasped for air and lay on the dirt filling her lungs. Danny, her only ally was nearby play fighting with a wooden sword when he heard a sound so sharp, it pierced his ears and then, like a thundering clap, he watched as the vibration pushed Cannon back into him and almost without thought he quickly punched Cannon in the face with his free hand. The boy ran away screaming, “You broke my nose”. Kat excitedly ran fast to her teacher who was not as surprised as she was about the events of the day.
“You should have seen how flabbergasted he was, master. He looked at Danny and POW Danny hit him right in the nose.”

Kat was more willing to learn after this event and as the years past, she learned much. Kat and Danny were a great deal like brother and sister, he being at least 3 years older than she, taught her how to fight with a long sword. Danny left the orphanage a year later in pursuit of vengeance. After Danny left, Kat did not have many friends other than the teachers and workers at the orphanage. She wrote constantly in her journals, stashing them away in the library amongst great works of literature. She spent much of her time roaming the streets and trying to stay out of trouble.

Kat is most close to her “village” which she often writes about in her journals. It is a up place with unnamed characters, in which she whispers to frequently. Her village is her reason for being and without it she would not exist.

Kat also, is close to her teacher, Benedict Cumberbatch, who took the time and pains to teach her to read and write. He lent her books and told her stories about famous adventurers. She wants nothing more than to make him proud.

Danny Fearbringer is her friend and brother (by another mother), she bunked next to him when they were small and it was he who finally gave her a name. He encouraged her to eat when food repulsed her. Danny would steal apples in the market to bring to Kat when other foods made her sick. He told her how his village was destroyed by a band of bandits who slaughtered everyone. Danny had been hunting in the woods that day and rushed back when he saw the smoke bellowing over the trees. He watched as one man raped his young sister and then slit her throat. He often said Kat reminded him of his little sister.

Deity: Although Kat views herself as the deity her “village”, she fell in love with the god Mielikki through books and stories. She felt a kindred spirit to the druid god and took this god as her personal deity. Kat wears unicorn amulet (amulet of resolution +1) in honor of Mielikki around her neck.

Kat’s Journal

Katherine "Kat" (Deceased)

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