Of Spells and Swords

Third time's the charm!

Darkness abounds....

KhumatThe adventurers, having finally rested and fortified with food and drink, headed back to the lost refuge to gain entrance once again and hopefully uncover the dark secrets within. As they moved closer to the ruins the sky grew dark, a shadowy mist spread through the swamp, and a sense of foreboding filled the air…

The group approached as quitely as possible. Lead by Jimrick Stealtoe, they attempted to approach the wall, and scale it at a low point like they had done before. This time; however, it became quickly apparent that entrance to the compound would not be as simple as previous excurions had proven to be. Darkness exploded, and half of the party was suddenly enveloped in complete blackness. The sounds of clinking chains alerted the adventurers a bit too late to the presence of Shadar-Kai chain fighters perched upon the wall. The shadowy folk took advantage of the parties confusion and made several passes along the wall injuring several of the party members. When the blackness lifted Dio Azul lay on the ground with his head nearly seperated from his body! The party got a quick view of a Shadar-Kai Assassin before he vanished into thin air. The dwarf called upon whatever gods would listen and healed the Barbarian just as he was about to breathe his last breathe. Rhasgar Greatblizzard and Hawke managed to scale the wall and injure two of the shadow warriors who promptly vanished from sight after being harmed! Meanwhile the Shadar-kai Assassin appeared and stabbed Dio Azul with a dagger, and threw a bag of poison dust into the Goliath’s face, dropping him to the ground writhing in agony. While Grim Lohaft once again healed the fallen half-giant,Jimrick Stealtoe and Katherine “Kat” defeated the Assassin despite a magical charm he wore around his neck that he attempted to use to turn enemy into ally!

The party gathered on the other side of the wall, and fought and chased the Shadar-kai Chain fighters to the front of the compound where the remaining enemies made their stand…along with a now raised and shadow infused corpse of the giant bipedal croc “Khumat” that the party defeated during there first encounter at the lost refuge. The party prevailed and moved to the front doors of the compound determining that they were barred from the inside. The bard Katherine “Kat” invoked the magic of her armor and vanished from one side of the door and appeared on the other. She removed the bar and the party gathered into the empty foyer. The two doors on the north side of the room had wispy tentacles of shadow emerging from the space beneath them. The party was certain they would find answers behind these doors….

Find them they did! Several Shadar-kai Chainfighters and a Shadar-kai Sorcerer were gathered in the room surrounding a black boiling mass with tendrils of darkness eminating from it. The party would soon realise that this was a portal to the plane of shadow!



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