Of Spells and Swords

Shadows and Scales

Ketsarra greets our heroes...

Shadow gateThe party entered the hall and was greeted by the dark mass with its snaking tendrils of shadow. The Sorcerer raised his hands and commanded his warriors to surround him. Kat, the young bard, released an earsplitting note. She became a blur of magic and steel cutting down three Shadar-Kai defenders. Dio charged the Sorcerer only to be caught in the inky mass and disappeared. His faint shadow could be seen struggling from within the blackness. Hawke’s newly coalesced dragonling familiar flew from her shoulders. Hawke spun her sword, and with a command, flame released from the tiny being’s maw. The Sorcerer began to burn.

Seeing they were losing, a Shadar-Kai ran towards the rear doors shouting a warning. Grim and Rhasgar finished off the remaining fighters, and Jimrick tumbled and darted toward the wounded Sorcerer. His blade caught the magic user in the chest just as the Goliath broke free from the shadows. His weapon swung through the air with great anger and nearly split the Shadar-Kai in two.

A roar emenated from the back rooms, and in the hall the party confronted Kessara. The dark creature flailed and landed a blow on the barbarian. Again, Dio fell. The bard raised her voice, and kept the half-giant from succumbing to eternal darkness. Rhasgar slew the last defender and Hawke and Kat were able to combine their magics. They slid the creature into the portal and watched her dark image disappear into what they determined to be another plane. They had discover a functional shadow gate.

Exhausted, the party gathered. The Hin noticed a statue hiding a hidden mechanism. It tripped a revolving door. A thorough search garnered useful information and magical items. They believed they would come in handy for the next task at hand. Stealtoe, Grimm, and Hawke backtracked and searched the corpses of the previously slain enemies. The assassin also had magical items. Hawke shook her head and simply said “Dark times are upon us.” Grimm grunted in agreement while the thief relived the killer from his items. He unclasped the necklace from the enemy’s neck. “If tat’s da case den mates, we’ill need all da aid we can manage. Hold dis charm Hawke, dat’s fer the lass.” he said in his quick cadence.



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