Of Spells and Swords

Of ambushes and new allies

Here a lizard, there a lizard, everywhere a lizard-lizard!

Lost refuge
The tentacle slapped the ground near Kessessek, the Sharptooth Chieftain. The party reacted quickly and fell into a defensive position. The mist curled and crept along the grounds masking their attackers. The grell shrieked, and the Shadowscale tribal warriors burst from the surrounding swamp. The party managed to quickly defeat the evil lizardfolk tribe and frighten off the wounded grell. Kessessek and his tribe folk hissed in victory. They thanked the party and agreed they shared a common enemy. Kessessek gave Benedict Cumberbatch a talisman and told him it could momentarily disrupt the magic domination caused by the Starry Gnosis. He told the party that the real chieftain, and other tribe members, had been taken captive by the Shadowscales and evil “hairy ones” residing in the lost refuge. He said the Shadowscales were once the Dragon Slayers; however, a dragon who goes by the name “Despayr” now rules them. He also told the party that their enemies were no longer truly alive but creatures of shadow and death who no longer had souls! He beleives their leader at the lost refuge is Ketsarra Shadowscale, and the blood of the Dragon, Despayr, runs through her as does his evil.

The party agreed that something has to be done. They gathered and formulated a tentative plan. The Sharptooth guides showed them the path but refused to venture further. Eventually, the party came to the lost refuge. Stealtoe quickly scanned the fortress and saw a potential infiltration point. He saw a crumble in the wall away from the main gate. He quietly disappeared into the dark, away from his allies. The wall was easily scaled. A quick singnal let the rest know it was safe to proceed.

From the top of the wall they saw a better view of the tower. This was probably where the captives were located. Again, the Hin darted into the darkness. The gate, though not locked, was formidable. Grimm and Rhasgar strained under its weight, but managed to move it with effort. They slunk along, in the shadows, until they came to a worn path. Large footprints were seen along this path that led to a door. Jimrick took in a sharp breath inward between his teeth. He knew, just by looking, this was not a simple locked door. Quietly, he flexed his fingers. He closed his eyes and slipped his picks into the mechanism. Click. Click. Click. The lock released, and a bead of sweat dropped from the thief’s nose. Grimm grabbed the door handle and swung it open. The beast awaited them. With a deafening roar, it leapt forward. Jimrick stepped aside and Grimm stopped the shadow beast with the butt of his ax. Stealtoe heard the sound of chains whipping in the air. His eyes adjusted, and he caught the glimpse of a being. He silently asked Avandra for some luck and charged into the darkness. The point of his sword found the foe. It crumbled at his feet. Another chain whizzed by the Hin’s head, and Jimrick tumbled back. Avandra, again, by his side. Rhasgar, Hawke, and Grimm, led by the light of Ben’s staff filtered quickly into the room. The remaining foes were quickly dispatched, including the shadow beast. They did not have much time.

Quicly, Grimm led the charge up the spiral staircase. A creature with the head and tail of a crocodile attached to a muscular body greeted the Dwarf at the top. Thick scales covered its body, and its arms ended in heavy claws. It gaping maw, filled with razor teeth bellowed “more entrails for my dinner?!” It slapped Grimm, and sent him tumbling down. The Hin nimbly dodged the rolling Dwarf and slipped by the beast. Rhasgar charged up the stairs and distracted it, followed by the rest of the party. Benedict took the opportunity while the monster was occupied. A powerful spell engulfed the creature sending it into a deep slumber. It tumbled into Grimm, and the Dwarf fell back. The floor beneath him gave way, and he crashed to the lower level. Hawke spun her sword and plunged it into the thing’s heart; it gasped a final breath.

The comrades looked about and saw the captive Sharptooth members shackled along the wall. Amongst them was also a Goliath near death. Grimm quickly tended wounds while the prisoners were freed. Infused with vigor, the half-giant stood up, ready for battle.

All new they had little time. The party led the way back down the spiral staircase, and bolted for the court yard. Enemies, alerted by the shouts and roars, pursued the infiltrators. Jimrick aided the Lizard Folk up to wall while Grimm and Rhasgar held off the enemy.

Once on the wall, the party had no choice but to leap into the swamp below. Above them, rose a great shadow. Ketsarra Shadowscale flew in the sky guiding her warriors toward the heroes. The fleeing adventures trudged through the swamp at near exhaustion.

When all seemed lost, the sound of a war horn bellowed around them. Primitive missiles soared over their heads, and Sharptooth warriors aided by a band of Goliaths came to their rescue, allowing their escape. The party followed their saviors, and ended at the Goliath camp. The Blackmoss tribe had joined forces with the Sharptooth tribe. The Blackmoss Shaman thanks the party. They had just help to rescue Dio Azul, a Blackmoss Warrior.



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