Of Spells and Swords

A gathering in the swamp and a bit of trickery

Time to be sneaky...

Joining the party in the next foray to the lost refuge was the Goliath Blackmoss Barbarian Dio Azul. After being saved from certain death by the party, he swore allegiance to their cause and is intent on proving to all his worth as a warrior!

Dio azul

The Barbarian suggested that perhaps a cunning approach would be wise now that the enemy compound was aware of the adventurers and would most likely be prepared for another assualt. The group heeded his advice, and a plan was hatched. The group was led by Hawke, who used her shape shifting ability to appear as a Shadar Kai, while Benedict Cumberbatch used magic, and the lizardfolk and Blackmoss tribe shaman used mud dye and moss to make the party appear as lost converts who had succomed to the “Starry Gnosis”.

The plan worked, and they were escorted to the main entrance of the lost refuge and ushered inside. They were met by a group of three wizards(Dava, Mendios and Zephan)and a Mystran Cleric by the name of Halish, all of whom were obviously under the sway of the Starry Gnosis. They were told to wait as Starweaver Bestra Mornscroll was summoned to command them further. The party waited for a few minutes with much anicipation until finally the false Cleric appeared. Before much else could happen, she pulled the evil artifact from beneath the folds of her robes and used its power upon all in the room.

Benedict grasped the magical totem given to him by Kessessek. It began to glow and the Weave pulsed. The 3 wizards and Mystran Cleric’s fog of domination lifted, and Bestra’s eyes widened. She retreated to her chambers readying the evil Orb for another minds attack. Jimrick Stealtoe, having seen the vile artifact function before and well aware of the dire consequences should the party fall under its power, charged with amazing speed. He lept through the air burying his blade deep into the chest of the evil cleric. The Starry Gnosis flew from her hand and fell to the stone floor. Darkness and shadow burst throughout the room, and the artifact exploded into hundreds of shards of tainted glass. Several of these shadowy fragments embedded in the right side of the Hin’s face, mortally wounding him as his body slumped to the floor.

With Bestra dead, and the Starry Gnosis destroyed, its powers of domination were permanently lifted. The newly freed wizards and Mystran Cleric stood dazed and confused, unsure of their surroundings and all that had taken place. The Dwarf, Grim Lohaft said an open prayer to any god who would listen for the power to heal his fallen comrade, and once again Avandra answered his call. Still too weak to walk, The Hin was scooped up by the massive Blackmoss Barbarian, and the party gathered the newly freed victims and retreated to the swamp and to temporary safety.



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