Of Spells and Swords

Know thine enemy!

the plot thickens....

After the shards were removed, though permanently scarred, Jimrick Stealtoe was deemed healthy. The Blackmoss and Sharptooth shamans cast a ritual together using the evil artifact remnants as the main component. Through this ritual, they learned a bit of the history of these shadowy beings known as the Shadar-Kai.
Shadar ki

The Shadar-Kai’s history includes that of the Netherese peoples. They share common ancestry; both trace their lineage back to antiquity when seven simple fishing villages took the ambitious
step toward mastering magic and founded one of the most dangerous and fearsome magical empires
the world has known. As any scholar versed in the ancient knowledge is aware, the Netherese awoke in ancient times and rose to greatness through war and conquest. Dissatisfied with their gains, they reached further and dug deeper to raise their mastery over magic until one day, the greatest of their number elevated himself to become as a god. For his hubris, the empire was cast into ruin, its lands scoured, and survivors driven from this world into exile, where they languished in Shadow for countless eons.

Time spent in the Shadowfell did not leave these humans untouched. The plane, although neither
good nor evil, can influence visitors who spend time there by darkening their thoughts with despair. More than the plane’s insidious whispers, the corruptions spreading through the exiles’ ranks stemmed from the same avarice that led to the downfall of their civilization. Mystra had stripped magic from them, so they turned to the Shadowfell’s power instead. To acquire it, they forfeited their souls and invited the darkness into their hearts.

The Shadovar name this thing that has been done to me a gift—a blessing from the Dark Lady—but I have known no reward that carries such a price. Am I unworthy? Have I not risen to the power Shar has invested in me? Since I came into this grief, I have known nothing but numbness, as if I was trapped in a prison of meaninglessness and isolation. Each new day brings with it a struggle to stir into life—a battle in which I must fight to not surrender my very essence to the cancerous shadow blossoming inside my breast.



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