Of Spells and Swords

An injured Hin and new blood

We have stumbled upon a great darkness!

Nwn female bard by wyckedWhile resting up, the Sharptooth Lizardfolk, and the Blackmoss Goliath clan healers tended to Jimrick’s wounds careful to remove even the tiniest sliver of the destroyed artifact. They were fearful that any trace left behind could taint the Hin’s soul forever. As this was going on Benedict Cumberbatch recieved an urgent message, via raven, from the orphanage that required his attention. It appears that cryptic messages had been left around the orphanage threatening the safety of the students. The Purple Dragons(and behind the scenes,the B.O.S.) were investigating the matter, but Thomas Applemoon thought it best that the mage be there to help in the investigation and to keep a watch over his students.

Worried that the party would need arcane knowledge and power while he was absent, Cumberbatch sent his most apt pupil, Katherine “Kat”, in his stead. Although a bit strange and green as a spring grass, her natural connection to the weave was uncanny, and she always managed to keep a bright attitude even in the most dire of circumstances. He believed it was time for her to practice her talents in the real world, and he trusted that his friends would let no harm come to her.



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